Pro-ficiency Launches New Solution: Pro-Active Protocol

Pro-ficiency announced today the launch of Pro-Active Protocol, a unique and proprietary protocol optimization methodology that applies simulation to visually represent the study operational flow.

This expansion complements the organization's current scope of training services by providing studies with an essential resource to vet the protocol with study teams, regulatory agencies and patients prior to protocol finalization. The solution can be rapidly produced and updated as it is intended to shed light on protocol inconsistencies and gaps so study teams can adjust and revise.

With the end goal of a better-designed study, Pro-Active Protocol integrates seamlessly with Pro-ficiency's existing simulation-based protocol modules or can serve as a stand-alone resource, to increase study and site team understanding of the study requirements upon study start-up.

Beth Harper, Pro-ficiency's Chief Learning Officer, said "One of the biggest challenges in clinical trials is developing a well designed protocol that sites can operationalize. This tool has the power to help sponsors identify possible inconsistencies and challenges before they turn into deviations, it improves the site's ability to evaluate feasibility, and facilitates a more patient-centric drug development process. This could be one of the easiest, quickest and most effective ways to positively impact a clinical study from the start."

Pro-ficiency's Pro-Active Protocol solution is available immediately for studies in any phase and in any therapeutic area. To learn more about our new solution visit:

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