Pro-ficiency has been selected as a 'Top Ten Tech Startup to Watch in 2022' by the NC Tech Awards

Pro-ficiency named as one of Top Ten Startups to Watch in 2022!

The NC Tech Awards has named Pro-ficiency as one of the Top Ten Tech Startups to Watch of 2022. This award signifies the innovative progress Pro-ficiency has made, and the potential for further success and expansion in 2023 and beyond. 

Pro-ficiency is a next-generation learning engine specializing in life sciences. By using a proprietary simulation approach combined with deep subject matter expertise, learners achieve understanding and life science leaders gain insight into learner competency and potential risk areas.

Michael Raymer, Pro-ficiency's CEO, said "One of the biggest indicators of future success is recognition of progress, with this NC Tech Award confirming what we've known for years, that Pro-ficiency's proprietary simulation-based approach is the future of training for clinical trials."

With the clinical arena shifting towards a hybrid-virtualized approach, remote training platforms that can ensure consistent protocol understanding across geographies and languages are essential for driving study compliance and enrollment. Pro-ficiency's simulation-based training is positioned to change the future of clinical trials by providing engaging training that generates robust performance metrics. This evolved approach drives proactive risk management for sponsors and CROs, improves enrollment, and reduces protocol deviations for studies in any phase, and any therapeutic area.

About Pro-ficiency

Pro-ficiency is a leading provider of simulation-based training and compliance solutions for clinical trials. The company provides a comprehensive suite of services, including turn-key customized, virtual training simulations, training and compliance monitoring tools, and real-time data & predictive analytics. Learn more at

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