Pro-Ficiency Announces Software for Clinical Trial Simulation Training


Pro-ficiency™, the leading provider of simulation training for clinical trials, announces its ProCT Enterprise Edition. “A little over a year ago, we launched the industry’s first online simulation training tool for clinical trials. Within six months of using it, we are seeing pharmaceutical sponsors replace investigator meetings with our interactive online simulation tool. Slide presentations and lectures just don’t get the results that stakeholders need. For an industry that is focused on innovation, it’s surprising that we are satisfied with using 20-year-old eLearning technology, or meetings and binders, to train personnel to run multi-million dollar studies,” commented David Hadden, Co-CEO of Pro-ficiency.

With the ProCT platform, investigators, study coordinators, and CRAs are trained on the protocol using simulations of actual study subjects. “It is learning by doing,” comments JoAnne Schaberick, Co-CEO of Pro-ficiency. “Clinical trial personnel are trained using real-life scenarios that model the decisions they will perform in the study. This type of training is more effective than traditional methods. That is why it is used to train high-value professionals such as airline pilots and astronauts.”

Pro-ficiency is bringing the power of simulation training to clinical trials.

David Hadden, Chief Game Changer

Pro-ficiency’s main product, ProCT, can be used to replace or supplement investigator meetings. “A key benefit of using ProCT is that it provides predictive data. We can detect and correct flaws in the protocol that would otherwise result in confusion, and we can predict errors that site staff are likely to make and correct them before they happen. This also makes site initiation faster and more accurate,” Hadden explained. “The product is like an online version of those choose-your-own-adventure books we had as kids.” He continued, “every learner makes their own choices and those choices impact the results of the simulation; learning by doing.”

Pro-ficiency’s revenue has doubled since the launch of ProCT. “We see it as a strong indicator that pharma is ready to implement modern solutions to old problems,” concluded Schaberick.

About Pro-ficiency

Pro-ficiency combines the best of simulated learning technology with the power of predictive analytics. Pro-ficiency address all aspects of health learning, including research (ProCT), patient empowerment (ProPatient) and clinical practice (ProDoctor).

ProCT provides more cost-effective, efficient and comprehensive training for investigators, monitors, CRAs, study coordinators and patients. Using the ProCT simulation platform, Pro-ficiency helps pharmaceutical companies save time and money by making their clinical trials more efficient and accurate.

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