Pro-ficiency Acquires Compass Group Partners and Affiliated Assets

Pro-ficiency, the leading provider of simulation-based training solutions for clinical trials, has announced its acquisition of Compass Group Partners, a prominent family of companies specializing in medical communications for the life sciences industry. This strategic acquisition will expand simulation-based technologies into the medical affairs and commercial space, opening new avenues for innovation across all service offerings of the combined company.  

By integrating Compass Group Partners' expertise with Pro-ficiency's advanced simulation technology, the combined company is now able to offer immersive simulation solutions to address the complexities of the medical affairs and commercial markets. Through interactive simulations, professionals in the field will gain practical experience to optimize diagnosis, treatment selection, and patient monitoring.  

"The acquisition aligns with Pro-ficiency's vision to revolutionize drug development by bridging the gap between theory and practice," said Pro-ficiency's CEO Michael Raymer. "There is a proven demand for simulation in the markets that Compass Group Partners serves. Combining Pro-ficiency's unique simulation methodology with their medical communication expertise will create revenue expansion opportunities for the new entity, and ultimately contribute to the delivery of safe and effective drugs to patients worldwide."

"I founded Caravel Group, and then our parent company Compass Group Partners, to serve as a true strategic and innovation partner to our clients in the life sciences industry," said Murry Alper, Pro-ficiency's new Chief Commercial Markets Officer. "This partnership will allow us to bring a new dimension of simulation and analytics to medical affairs and commercial clients. Together, we can revolutionize how professionals acquire critical information while broadening our reach and achieving a measurable impact."

"This union has created a unique organization in life sciences with an extensive global network, deep expertise across the drug development and commercialization continuum. The solutions suite is grounded in elegant technology poised to set a new standard in this space. The growth and innovation potential are very exciting," said Renie Dornbusch, Pro-ficiency's new Chief Commercial Operations Officer.

Compass Group Partners is led by Murry Alper and Renie Dornbusch and serves as the parent company for the Caravel Group Medical Communications, Eclipse Event Management, Zuma Medical Communications and the Panorama KOL Management Platform. The full Compass Group Partners team, assets and client roster will remain intact to ensure client continuity, but will merge with the Pro-ficiency service suite to bolster capabilities and expertise for all clients across the combined organization.

The Compass Group Partners companies and collection of services will be consolidated under the Caravel Group name.

This is the second acquisition for Pro-ficiency since its funding by QHP Capital (management company for NovaQuest Private Equity) in 2021. 

About Compass Group Partners

Compass Group Partners was established in 2006 as a full-service marketing and communications agency in life sciences. Acquiring Eclipse Meeting Productions in 2013 and merging with Zuma Clinical Communications in 2014, the combined family of companies delivers on active partnerships with many of the top 10 global pharmaceutical companies. The company is known for creating impactful, value-based and customer-centric solutions that support drug development and commercialization from development to commercialization.

About Pro-ficiency

Pro-ficiency is a leading provider of simulation-based training and compliance solutions for clinical trials. The company provides a comprehensive suite of services, anchored by its innovation in customized, virtual training simulations, training and compliance monitoring tools, and real-time data & predictive analytics. Combined with protocol optimization, process visualization tools and professional production video capabilities, Pro-ficiency achieves improved intelligence for learners and critical risk intelligence for leaders. Learn more at

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