New Program Announced to Educate Cystic Fibrosis Patients and Their Caregivers

Pro-ficiency is proud to announce a novel and innovative approach to educating and supporting cystic fibrosis (CF) caregivers and the 30,000 U.S. patients living with the disease using one of the Pro-ficiency educational platforms, ProPatient. ProPatient is a resource that uses videos integrated into a “choose your own adventure” type of simulation to allow patients and caregivers the chance to explore medical information about a variety of conditions, diseases, and pharmaceuticals. These simulations leverage interactive videos that give users an opportunity to ask questions and receive feedback regarding their health care needs.

The ProPatient platform is designed to empower and encourage those living with a variety of diseases such as HIV, cystic fibrosis, or rheumatoid arthritis, to be active participants in their own care. In collaboration with National Jewish Health, Pro-ficiency has just released a new cystic fibrosis program on the ProPatient platform titled, “Empowering and Educating Patients and Caregivers: Medical Management of Cystic Fibrosis.” National Jewish Health provided the content expertise needed to create the program. This project is supported by an educational grant from Vertex, a global biotechnology company and manufacturer of CF pharmaceuticals.

Jason McDonald, a CF advocate and patient living with cystic fibrosis, provided his own insights in many of the videos. Jason says, “As a CF patient I've had many successes as well as wishes for do-overs. ProPatient learning modules are great tools to maximize your or your loved one's health. I've benefited greatly from open communication with my CF care team and continually asking questions. These videos are great for keeping up to date about medical advancements as well as for coming up with questions for doctors!”

“Our program will provide CF patients and their caregivers with medical information from some of the top providers in the country but clinical information is simply not enough,” according to JoAnne Schaberick, co-founder of Pro-ficiency. JoAnne continues, “We look to offer the CF community real-world insights and experiences from others who may be experiencing the many challenges living with CF may present. We feel honored to be working with Jason McDonald who shares his life experiences, advice, and encouragement so openly and honestly.” 

According to Cathy Chacon, RN, BSN, Nurse Coordinator, at the National Jewish Health Adult CF who helped develop the program, “It is really important that CF patients understand the medical management of their disease. Patients are an integral part of the multidisciplinary team and we rely on their opinions and feedback to help guide care decisions.” 

This program aims to assist patients and caregivers by identifying treatment options as well as address side effects and risks of treatment. It conveys the importance of adherence regarding treatment. The program emphasizes the importance of taking medication and continuing treatment and helps patients and caregivers communicate effectively with their health care team.

This program is free to all participants and can be accessed at 

About Pro-ficiency:

Pro-ficiency is a leading provider of online training technology for clinical trials, patient education, and physician education. The Pro-ficiency platforms utilize real-world simulation scenarios to educate clinicians and physicians and empower patients as well as their caregivers. ProPatient, a product of Pro-ficiency, is patient-focused, providing online education to patients and caregivers. ProPatient utilizes interactive video and simulation, providing the opportunity to ask questions of a virtual clinician and role-play different scenarios to improve knowledge and skills. Visit to learn more.

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Source: Pro-ficiency