New Educational Program Announced on Recognizing and Recovering From Opioid Use Disorder

The American Society of Addiction Medicine estimates more than 2.5 million Americans suffer from opioid use disorder (OUD). The president of the United States declared OUD a public health emergency. Pro-ficiency announces a free interactive online program, provided by Med-IQ and powered by ProPatient in partnership with healtheo360, with special content advisement from Advocates for Opioid Recovery, to educate individuals on recognizing OUD, talking with loved ones about it, and understanding available evidence-based treatment options. The program is designed to empower and encourage those living with OUD to be active participants in their own care.

“It is rare to find a single person who is not affected by the addiction crisis in America,” says JoAnne Schaberick, co-founder of Pro-ficiency. JoAnne continues, “It is a true health epidemic, and we need to treat it as such. Knowledge is power in this fight, and our goal is to help those battling addiction, as well as their loved ones, see that there is hope.”

Recognizing and Recovering From Opioid Use Disorder: Keys for Success for Patients and Families allows users to select and view short videos on a variety of OUD-related topics, in a “choose your own adventure” approach, including the signs and symptoms of OUD, approaches to treatment, and helpful tips on communicating effectively with healthcare providers and family members.

“Only 20 percent of people living with OUD receive any kind of specialty treatment. Patient education, especially education that includes information about medication-assisted recovery, is essential to ensuring that people are not only getting the help they need, but also know whether or not they are getting the highest standard of care,” said Anne Woodbury, Executive Director of Advocates for Opioid Recovery.

“The effects of opioid dependence and addiction are far-reaching, dramatically affecting the lives of individuals with OUD, as well as their loved ones. This program will help individuals with or at risk of OUD get the support and resources they need for a successful recovery. We are excited to be working with Advocates for Opioid Recovery and Pro-ficiency to bring this program to all individuals affected by the opioid epidemic,” says Allison Gardner, Vice President of Educational Strategy Content at Med-IQ.

This free program can be accessed at

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